The Google Play Store is your center for downloads, everything from apps and music to books and movies. Getting started with Google Play is fairly simple, requiring you to first set up a Google Account that will back up all your downloads and data for you. To Get started go to your apps. *The following images are only examples do not try to use the same log-in information displayed below. 


If you are setting up a Google Account for the first time select “New” 


Input your name 


 Create an Email Address  –
 this can be any name of your choosing. (If the name is already taken by another person, Google will alert you to that and ask you to select a different name) 


 Create a password – 
Google Requires a minimum of 8 characters for your password. Good passwords are a combination of both letters and numbers.


 Recovery Information – 
Recovery information requires you to input an alternate email address, then select a security question and input an answer. If you ever forget your password you can request to be sent the security question and your answer will serve as a way to reset your password.


 Join Google Plus+ - At this point Google will ask if you want to join their Google Plus+ Social networking system. You can either join or skip by clicking “Not now” 

Finish Creating Account – Before Google can finish making your account you will need to accept the Google Play Terms of Service.

Almost There – Authenticating – 
You will be promoted to type letters from a security image, this is so that Google can verify that the account is being made by a person and not a computer program.

It may take a few minutes for Google to generate the account and connect to the Google Servers so please be patient while it works.  

Enable Purchases –  
If you want to download apps that you pay for right away, Google will offer you the option to log in your credit card information that will be associated to the account. This is an optional feature that you can skip if you prefer to take advantage only of the free features that the Google Play Store offers.

Back-Up – Google will prompt you to use your account to backup apps and downloads from the tablet, that way, if you ever deleted something from the tablet you would be able to re-download it.  

 Google will search for any updates to the Play Store so click continue when this screen pops up.  

Confirm agreement to the Google Play Terms of Service  

Welcome to the Google Play Store – From hear you can search or browse for apps music, books, movies and games to download to your Marquis Tablet.