MarquisPad - FAQ

Frequently Asked Question about the Marquis MP977

Frequently Asked Question about the Marquis MP977

Congratulations on getting your MarquisPad! If this is your first tablet you may have a number of questions about usage. This guide of Frequently Asked Questions, which contains links to articles and tutorial videos, will serve as your resource to all your MarquisPad related questions. If you find that you have a question not addressed here, see our article for online support to contact one of our technicians. 


What should be included in the box and how do I charge the tablet?   
In the box you sould receive a tablet, AC adapter, USB-30 Pin cable, a cleaning cloth and a Quick Start Guide with Warranty information. 
Click Here for a Video Tutorial

How long should I charge the tablet the first time I use it?
We recommend charging your tablet for 8 hours prior to first use to ensure that the battery gets a sufficient charge. 

Can I use my MarquisPad while it is plugged in?
Yes, you can use your tablet while it is plugged in. Using the tablet while it is plugged in will not prevent the tablet from charging. 

How long will the battery on my MP977 last on one charge?
The battery is rated to last up to 5 hours.  However, it will widely vary depending on what you are using your tablet for.  For example,watching videos will use more battery than checking your email.

Where can I learn about the basic functions on the tablet?
If you are new to the Android Platform you may not know of Click Here for a Video Tutorial

Where can I get a copy of the User Manual? 
A copy of the User Manual for the MP977 is installed on your Tablet under the Application called "Help". Go to the App Launcher and then select the icon labeled "Help"

 Help Icon.png

How do I change the Date or Time on my Tablet?

Date and Time, like most of the genral features on the tablet can be adjusted from Settings, 
Click Here for Step-By-Step Instructions on Changing the Date and Time

What is the lock on the screen when I turn my tablet on?
Did you turn your tablet on to find a lock on the screen like the one pictured below?  If you were confused by this, don’t worry, the tablet has not blocked you out.  This lock screen is a feature of the Android Operating System; it is designed to put the tablet back in sleep mode if the screen is not unlocked to save battery. To unlock the tablet simply put your finger on the lock and then slide it to the unlock position. 


Why do I only see myself when I turn the Camera on?

The Marquis comes equipped with a front-load camera designed for video-chat. As there is no back-loading camera the screen will always display what is facing the screen. This feature enables users to use applications such as Skype for an interactive web-chat experience. The camera is not designed to replace traditional cameras. 

How do I connect to my Wi-Fi?
Before you can use any internet based functions you've got to make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. 
Click Here for Step-By-Step Set-Up Instructions or  Click Here for a Video Tutorial

I am trying to connect to my WiFi network, but I am getting an “Authentication Problem” error.